“Flick The Lights To Green & Discover How To Hurl More Server-Crunching, Product-Munching Traffic At Your Website ...


Break Into The Minds Of Top Internet Marketers &
Ethically Steal Their Hidden Traffic Strategies ...

Dear Friend,

Can I take you a moment to pull you aside for some straight blunt talk?

If You know me, then you know I'll say it how it is ...

“And You Got A Problem!”

Looking back this internet marketing thing looked pretty easy when you got started, didn't it right?

Just throw up a few websites here and a few products there and bada-bing ... profits! (Or so you thought ...)

In fact, I've met so many people who have fantastic products, great websites, stunning graphics and the best sales copy that would simply charm a bird right out of it's tree ...

... but they still struggle to earn even a few measly bucks each month online.

To make matters worse, they then run along and set up ANOTHER website, selling ANOTHER product... leaving their other products to rot and die! They just assume that the product was duff, or perhaps the copy was just fluff!

It's plain crazy if you ask me ...

Is that you? Jumping from product-to-product and website-to-website (aka. failure-to-failure), leaving each one to LOSE MONEY instead of making your fortune?

It doesn't have to be that way ...

There are strategies that I have been secretly using to drive an insane amount of traffic to my websites to make more money per week then most people make in a year.

But back to you for a second ...

Maybe you're just about to set your first product on sale, and expecting to sell a million copies overnight with no added work! You've bought right into that 'dream lifestyle' and you're ready for your latest product to storm it instantly ... But the truth is very differen t... ( I told you I'd be blunt before i teach you )

There's an enormous reason why many of the best information products on the internet just aren't selling. It's got nothing to do with the product or the website.

I mean, sure, those things are pretty important but this is something much deeper than that. So here goes ...


That's right, I said it. If no one knows that your product exists, how can you possibly expect them to buy the darn thing.

Think about your local stores ... if no one walked past, then most of them would be out of business before you can say 'No Cash' – it's pretty logical, right?

What I'm trying to say is, that you need that kinda virtual 'foot-fall' for your website, otherwise no one will be able to buy your products!

Forget graphics, products and copy ... website visitors are fundamental! The more visitors (traffic) you generate, the more customers you will create ... and the more cashola you'll earn!

Right now your website traffic lights are stuck on red, but here's the secret ...

“Getting Traffic Is SIMPLE!”

Here's where things get really frustrating for me! I've seen so many people, just like you, who are suffering heavily from a lack of traffic ...

... but traffic generation is actually so darn easy!

There are literally hundreds of super-simple techniques for driving traffic (on mass) to your website and collecting their cash.

From blogging to articles and forums to back-links, there is an endless supply of traffic just waiting to be found!

Plus, with MILLIONS of internet users worldwide, there is no reason why we can't all flood our websites with traffic every single day!

All that you need is a formula ... a plan or a blueprint to show you the way and unlock the door!

“Let Me Help You Out...”

I've created a fantastic set of tutorials which will teach you exactly how to drive massive traffic right to your front door quickly, easily ... and for FREE! (Cool, huh?)

I've broken down some of the simplest, fastest and most popular ways to drive traffic to any blog or website into my detailed video tutorials. I want to give you the final and most important piece of the jigsaw, that you have NO EXCUSES for failure!

These are the exact same techniques used by many of the world's top internet marketers to keep a fresh supply of buying traffic ... including ME!

Why? Because they work, of course. They're effective and POWERFUL traffic strategies!

These techniques filter out the most qualified, 'ready-to-spend' traffic on the web and then direct it spiralling straight into your website!

Introducing ...

'Internet Traffic Coaching'

Internet Traffic Coaching

Ultimate Monthly Traffic Training To Ensure That
Your Website Traffic Flow NEVER Dries Up!

See, there are so many marketers who set their websites going with a tiny trickle of traffic and then leave them ... with nothing more than the occasional tumbleweed blowing past it.

It's no wonder that more and more online marketers are failing every single day!

I wanted to combat that and make sure that YOU aren't one of them, so I created 'Internet Traffic Coaching'! Each month as a member of my incredible training program, you'll gain access to more traffic training than you can shake a stick at ...

Just by spending a few minutes each day putting these tactics into practice, you'll soon see hordes of traffic flying into your website faster than the speed of sound!

(Just make sure that your server can stand the rush ... it's gonna' be BIG!)

Each Training Module In This Program Consists Of:

' width= A detailed instructional video teaching every little nuance of a specific traffic strategy

' width= The MP3 audio file from the video

' width= A PDF written transcript, because we know that different people learn best in different ways

There is nothing left out and no guess-work to do ... I've filled in all of the blanks with this remarkable coaching!

This is as easy as it gets ... 'just add water' and voila, traffic sorted!

“What Am I Going To Learn?”

I've spent literally years researching, digging and spying on the top internet marketer's to discover the best, fastest and most effective ways to drive traffic. Then (after testing and perfecting the systems myself) I've sculpted 9 breathtakingly shiny training modules:

Forum Traffic

Module 1 - Forum Traffic:

Discover exactly how to siphon a boat-load of buying targeted traffic from forums.

You'll learn:

  • What a forum is, and how it works;
  • How to avoid breaking forum rules, and being banned (essential!);
  • V**** = Massive Traffic (uncensored in this training);
  • Where to find the best forums, and how to get started;
  • Exactly what you need to do first to establish yourself;
  • The 3 super-simple ways to drive traffic from a forum to your website or blog;
  • How to build a following who listen to everything you have to say on the forum.

Article Traffic

Module 2 - Article Traffic:

This is the 'big daddy' of traffic generation.. it's so simple but it's mighty-effective.. so I HAD to include it in this coaching. It's THAT Important!

You'll learn:

  • The basis of article marketing (what it is and why it works);
  • 4 keys to simple, but powerful article marketing;
  • Exactly how to quickly write a fantastic article, FAST;
  • Where to source fantastic article directories to submit your articles;
  • M***** vs. A********;
  • Keeping this article system flowing ... with a 'rinse and repeat procedure;
  • How to track the success of your campaign.. so that you can test, tweak and improve in the future;
  • What to do if you HATE writing (or work!).

Squidoo Traffic

Module 3 - Squidoo Traffic:

Squidoo is a well-known but seriously under-used method of driving a great amount of traffic to any site.

You'll learn:

  • What Squidoo is, and what a 'Lens' is;
  • How to register with Squidoo.. and get started quickly;
  • What to make a 'Lens' about for maximum impact;
  • How to write your Squidoo lens (and what to include);
  • Publishing a lens and getting people to see it;
  • What to do AFTER publishing your lens (this is what 99% of marketers FORGET to do!);
  • How to keep your lens' search-engine-friendly;
  • How to test, tweak and improve your lens.

Joint Venture Traffic

Module 4 – Joint Venture / Ad Swap Traffic:

This is one of my favourite ways to drive traffic to my sites and products so I really felt that I had to include it.

You'll learn:

  • What a JV (Joint Venture) deal is;
  • SIX great ways to joint venture with someone;
  • The SINGLE most important (five-part) question that your JV partners want answering ... and how to answer it (ESSENTIAL);
  • Why someone would JV with you ... (making your offer seem attractive to them);
  • What you MUST do for a JV partnership to be successful;
  • How to find hundreds or thousands of JV partners, ready to fire traffic at you;
  • The best ways to get in touch with potential JV's and bring them on-board;

Social Network Traffic

Module 5 – Social Network Traffic:

This is one of my favourite ways to drive traffic to my sites and products so I really felt that I had to include it.

You'll learn:

  • What social networking is ... and why/how it works;
  • Important points for a successful profile;
  • Finding and marketing on social network GROUPS;
  • How to JV on a social networking sites;
  • Growing your friends and contacts through social networking (and driving them to your site!);
  • How to avoid being banned and accused of SPAM;
  • The best way to build momentum on social networking sites for future product launches;
  • Daily tasks for an evergreen traffic flow

Press Release Traffic

Module 6 – Press Release Traffic:

People have been using press releases since marketing began.. they're powerful, free and easy!

You'll learn:

  • Why press releases are SO important.. and how they work;
  • 4 reasons why you MUST use press releases;
  • 5 things that you could write your press releases about;
  • What your press release must achieve, and how to write it best;
  • The 5-part blueprint for press release success;
  • Top tips for writing your press releases;
  • The ideal press release format;
  • How to research for perfection and inspiration;
  • Why you're NOT writing an advert;
  • How to submit your press releases fast.. and where to.

eBay Traffic

Module 7 – eBay Traffic:

eBay is among the most heavily trafficked sites on the web.. so let's teach you how to grab some of that traffic for yourself!

You'll learn:

  • The MASSIVE advantage of using eBay for traffic;
  • How to get registered and started fast;
  • The best way to build up great feedback and WHY (there's a great traffic advantage);
  • The THREE best ways to drive traffic from eBay;
  • How to list products on eBay and use those listings for traffic;
  • What to do if you don't have a product to list on eBay;
  • Avoiding breaking eBay rules.

Link Traffic

Module 8 – Link Traffic:

Everyone knows the importance of linking for traffic and SEO, but not many people know how to do it. So I wanted to cover it in this module.

You'll learn:

  • What a back link is, and why they're important;
  • Why a P*** R*** Is important and how to use it;
  • Q****** vs. Q*******
  • How to keep this traffic technique building and building;
  • How to find sites and get links fast;
  • All about reciprocal link agreements.

Blogging Traffic

Module 9 – Blogging Traffic:

Blogs are a fantastic way to drive and draw traffic to your websites so it's an essential training module for this program.

You'll learn:

  • Why most successful marketers use blogs;
  • Three great ways to use blogs for traffic;
  • The importance of comments & trackbacks (+ how to encourage them);
  • How to increase your blog's popularity;
  • The THREE big tips for blogging traffic success;

“That's Not All!”

On top of ALL of that, you're also going to discover the key secrets to tracking, testing, tweaking and improving every single one of your traffic campaigns.

I'm giving you in-depth tutorials to explain how and why you should be tracking the traffic that you drive!

So not only will you learn my favourite ways to drive traffic you'll also learn how to constantly improve your numbers for heavier traffic ...

... AND, go on then ... I'm also going to talk about outsourcing so that you can have OTHER PEOPLE do your work for you, while you sit and relax! :)

“Cool, I'm In! What Do I Owe You?”

I've spent the last few weeks trying to decide exactly how to price this remarkably important training.

Remember that traffic is arguably the most important part of a successful and profitable online business. Without it ... making money is impossible, whatever you do!

Add to that the price of most web traffic training. I've seen traffic courses selling online for as much as $197, $297 and even $497 ...

... but that's a lotta cash to 'fork out' up-front, and a lot of information to have dumped onto you at once!

(It's like 'information overload in a box')

You just wouldn't know where to start, or how to begin. Trust me when I say, information overload like that will KILL your business.

So I've decided to make this training much more affordable and MUCH more manageable for you :)

Instead of just throwing all nine of these modules at you in one go, I'll hand them to you one-by-one.

That's right, you'll get just one today, to begin working on straight away. Then in a month I'll unlock module 2, so that you can add that traffic stream into your business. Each month, I'll pass you the next module in the sequence so that you can constantly be adding to your traffic flow.

This way, you'll be able to quickly build a solid flow of quality traffic to your website ... and then continually grow it EVERY MONTH by adding the next strategy.

Now that's what I call damn cool!

PLUS ... I'm keeping your investment in this monthly training super-low! I could have charged through the sky for this traffic coaching ... after all, it's pretty much essential to your business!

But, I've decided NOT to charge you $297...

... NOT $197 ...

... NOT EVEN $97 ...

As long as you act RIGHT NOW and secure your place, your investment is just ...

... $37 per month!

That's right.. just $37 for each of these 9 incredible training modules.
What can you get for $37 these days?

'Very little' is usually the answer ... but in this case you're getting high quality, consistent training videos which will teach you how to drive as much traffic as you can handle straight into any blog or website!

As you can see, this is the coaching that you can't afford to miss out on! It's the training that can transform your business from the occasional dollar to thousands of buying customers on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis!

“Oh... There's No Pressure & No Risk”

We're very confident that you're going to love this training but we understand that you don't want to risk any of your hard-earned cash ... so we're taking away all of the risk with our fantastic satisfaction guarantee ...

If, at any time, you aren't totally satisfied with Internet Traffic Coaching, then you can easily and painlessly cancel your membership ... no questions asked. Just get in touch and it's done!

Can't say much fairer than that, can I ?!

I'm taking on ALL of the risk with this incredible training. If you don't like it.. then just cancel your membership and we'll go our separate ways – no hard feelings!

“So With No Risk
   How Do I Get Started?”

It's super-simple! Just click the 'Add To Cart' button below to gain access to the training right away.

I'll send you straight over to your personal membership area and you can begin your training right away ... even if it's 3.00am!

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Just remember that traffic = money, and I'm ready to hand you that traffic on a plate solid gold tray!

All you gotta do is to sprinkle lashings of this traffic onto your websites & products and watch the results come rolling in ...

I'm really excited to get you started, and hear your success stories soon!

To Your Traffic Success,

Alex Jeffreys
Internet Traffic Coach

P.S. The Internet is a huge place, and there are plenty of customers out there who NEED your products ... so use this training to put your name onto their street map and direct them straight to you. Order now!

P.P.S. Without traffic, you got no chance and no profits ... so follow me and I'll unlock the door!


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